Are we neglecting our future journalists?

Sizing up the South

Student network 1Barbara Duarte, former SPJ-FIU president, covers President Barack Obama’s second Inauguration in Washington, D.C., on a trip organized by the chapter. Photo by Chris Delboni.

By Chris Delboni, SPJ Florida board pro member & chair of student chapters subcommittee

The future of journalism depends upon student journalists.  Why aren’t we doing more for them?

  • There is no doubt that journalism students represent the future of our profession.  
  • There is also no doubt the students who take on leadership roles at their Society of Professional Journalists’ campus chapters can successfully lead SPJ pro chapters, constantly renovating without losing a sense of quality and ethics to journalism and bringing new skills required in today’s newsrooms.

Tomorrow’s journalism depends on today’s students.

But what are we really doing to form them?

To educate them?

To motivate them?

To help them?

Not enough!

student network 2SPJ-FIU students organized a successful the “First Amendment Free Food…

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