FIU broadcast students launch their fall 2019 newscast

The Newscast Production course at Florida International University gives broadcast journalism students to opportunity to experience different roles in the newsroom, from producers and reporters to videographers and editors, as well as executive producers and studio camera operators for the newscast.

Check out their fall 2019 final newscast:

Paws Up TV is a student-run program at Florida International University. This newscast includes a total of 11 stories, with a mix of different issues affecting the FIU community in South Florida, such as traffic, climate change and the need for swimming lessons. Don’t miss the FIU equestrian team, a new all-student band formed at the university, as well as a feature profiles of a basketball coach and a custodial manager.

NEWS: Colin Miller and Vanessa Morales
SPORTS: John Persaud and Sabrina Patruno
WEATHER: Nayeli Lomeli

Nayeli Lomeli

John Persaud

Colin Miller

Sabrina Patruno
Vanessa Morales
Carlos Castillo

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