FIU broadcast journalism students’ newscast touch on important issues for the college community

The spring newscast touch on relevant issues for college students, including the benefits of CBD oil to deal with stress.

It was a wonderful semester!

Check it out:


News Director: Chris Delboni

Executive Producers: Karla Gonzalez & Jordan Burgs

Chief Editor: Christian Benabe
Assistant Editor: Jose Seijo

Main Anchors: Gaby Ruiz & Amber Diaz

Sports Anchors: Lisette Delgado & Bryan Rivero

Weather Anchor: Christopher Downs

Teleprompter Operator: Wayde Klipper

Floor Manager: Ana Gomez

Ana Gomez
Carla Palmer
Amber Diaz

Packages in order of appearance:

Campus Security
Producer: Lanna Exilus
Asst. Producer: Kersten Vallejo
Reporter: Amber Diaz
Videographer: Jordan Burgs
Editor: Carla Palmer

Greek Life
Producer: Christian Benabe
Reporter: Gabriela Rodriguez
Videographer: Jose Seijo
Editor: Andrea Ojeda

MMC Dining
Producer: Karla Gonzalez
Reporter: Haley Richards
Videographer: Bryan Rivero
Editor: Demetria Jennings

BBC Dining
Producer: Christopher Downs
Reporter: Daniela Sanchez
Videographer: Lisette Delgado
Asst. Videographer: Armando Nabut
Editor: Ana Gomez

Soccer Club
Producer: Lisette Delgado
Reporter: Ana Gomez
Videographer: Daniela Sanchez
Editor/Asst. Videogrpher: Christopher Downs

Top Golf
Producer: Karla Gomez
Reporter: Brian Rivero
Videographer: Haley Richards
Editor: Gaby Ruiz
Asst. Editor: Demetria Jennings

Producer: Christopher Downs
Eclipse Fashion Society
Producer/Reporter: Demetria Jennings
Videographer/Editor: Bryan Rivero

Mind and Melody
Producer/Reporter: Christian Benabe
Videographer/Editor: Lanna Exilus
Produced by: Andrea Ojeda & Kersten Vallejo

Mental Health
Producer: Jordan Burgs
Reporter: Kersten Vallejo
Videographer: Carla Palmer
Asst. Videographer: Lanna Exilus
Editor: Amber Diaz

Producer/Asst. Editor: Lisette Delgado
Reporter: Gaby Ruiz
Videographer: Haley Richards
Editor: Armando Nabut

BBC Kayaking
Producer: Gabriela Rodriguez
Reporter: Armando Nabut
Videographer: Andrea Ojeda
Asst. Videographer: Jose Seijo
Editor: Christian Benabe

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