Local News, Off College Presses by New York Times

Great New York Times piece:

APRIL 13, 2014


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — In January, residents here learned the news that the senior place-kicker for the University of Michigan’s football team had been permanently “separated” from the college for violating its student sexual misconduct policy. In addition, the violation, what the authorities said was a sexual assault, occurred in 2009, when the kicker was a freshman, and his punishment was not determined until his athletic career had ended this past winter.

The article describing all of this, based on documents reviewed by two reporters, stated, “It’s unclear why sanctions were not decided in this matter until recently.” A month later, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights began investigating the university’s handling of the case.

It was a shocking revelation for a university town that has a population of 116,000 and a football stadium of nearly the same capacity. But almost as surprising was the origin of the report: The story was not broken by the local professional news organization, The Ann Arbor News. Instead, it was uncovered by The Michigan Daily, the university’s independently run student newspaper.

Read more: http://nyti.ms/1eo7h76

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